Short form way to express what kind of maps and what order to generate in. A number or number range followed by map type and variant.
# static amount #-# range amount
a all modes variants
w warfare d day n night
o offensive g axis u allies
s stress t non-stress e seeding
Non-stress maps between stressful maps
e.g. remagen and kursk
Space between general dupes
e.g. foy and foy night
Space between exact dupes
e.g. foy_warfare and foy_warfare
Map Settings



Shares rotation config, changed distance values, changed values in the settings table, and currently selected result view.


If you are using the CRCON, I recommend using this autosettings rule to remove all offensive and stressful maps from the rotation after a certain time. You may have to adjust the time_of_day and timezone depending on your region.


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