MW Metadata bulk grabs details about multiple YouTube videos, a playlist's videos, or a channel's public videos.

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List of all videos, playlist videos, or channel public uploads. Customize columns to show more or less data as needed.



Aggregate total tag counts on found videos.


Aggregate total geotag counts on found videos. Want to visualize this data in a map? Export this result and import the zip into YouTube Geofind!


Aggregate total link counts in found video descriptions. Be careful visiting what may show up here, by default results will not be hyperlinked for safety.

Upload Frequency

Aggregate uploads frequency by hour and day. Transformable to any timezone (map) and filterable by year when activity occurred. Guesstimate region using typical sleep/activity patterns, see change in behavior over time, or see typical upload times in your own timezone.


Videos that are unavailable from channels (created playlists on), playlists, or videos. They are either deleted or made private. Consider searching for user-made playlists to find more unavailable videos.

Check Filmot for any archived metadata for unavailable videos.


Other potentially useful aggregate data on found videos.

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