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YouTube Geofind
Nov. 2017 - Present

Created to discover youtube videos based on location and later adapted to search videos by specific channels and topic keywords. Being used as a public resource by for law enforcement.
Over 125,000 unique visitors

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Paint.NET Plugin Index
Dec. 2017 - Present

Created to make searching and discovering plugins for Paint.NET easier and quicker. Collaborated with Scott Stringer to retrofit into the forums, improve original design, and formatting his data to work with the app.
Over 50,000 unique visitors

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YouTube Comment Suite
Dec. 2016 - Present

Created to download comments from every public upload from a channel to make it easier to find discussion based on certain topics. Now, given the climate for creators can also serve as a tool to archive comment history.
Over 900 downloads

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YouTube Metadata
Jan. 2020

Created to reveal everything about a video and it's channel that is available from the YouTube API. Provides useful processing of dates, country codes, language codes, geolocation, and more.

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Bad Interface
Dec. 2019 - Present

A collection of horrible user input implementations inspired by r/badUIbattles. Bad birthdate, phone, volume, etc...

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Sept. 2018

Created to make it easier to determine hash types on the go without requiring the installation of Python.

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Aug. 2017

Created to make it easier to connect to multiple machines on a network managed with the same network user and browse the system file contents. Checks against SMB and FTP with supplied network range and credentials.

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Windows SMB Cracker
Dec. 2017

Created to remotely bruteforce logins on smb-enabled Windows machines. Successfully cracked an old forgotten 10-year-old machine in college.

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Perry Co. R.R. & N&SV R.R. Geodata
Apr. 2018

QGIS mapping project tracing railroads torn up in the 1930s in Perry County, PA. Data files from the project provided for download. Cropped and geo-referenced aerial photography from the 1930s using Paint.NET and QGIS against present day Google Maps and like features.

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